Analytics and Benchmarking

Analytics and Benchmarking

We offer a full range of analytics and benchmarking services to businesses to help them understand their digital audience and optimize their content strategies.


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Analytics and Benchmarking

Google Analytics Implementation

Our team can help you set up Google Analytics on your website so you can track the performance of your content. We’ll ensure all data is collected accurately from the start and that you have access to comprehensive metrics for detailed insights into visitor behavior, acquisition sources and user journeys. We can also recommend appropriate goals, filters and custom dashboards for tailored analysis.

Google Analytics Training

With extensive knowledge of Google Analytics, our team can provide personalized training sessions tailored to your specific requirements. This includes helping with setting up account structure, customizing reports, managing users and permissions as well as providing guidance on how to interpret data to make successful decisions.

Google (Looker) Studio Data Implementation

Our team has deep experience with Looker Data Studio, which provides powerful tools for creating visualizations across multiple data sources. We can help you set up reports in different formats (e.g., charts, tables) with greater detail so you get a fuller picture of your audience’s behavior.

Monitoring & Reporting

We offer ongoing monitoring services that give you real-time updates about the performance of your website or content campaigns. Our team also provides regular reporting services that provide high-level summaries of key metrics along with deeper dives into individual aspects such as custom tracking events or cohorts analysis.

Competitive Analysis

With our competitive analysis service, we can analyze how competitors are performing against each other in terms of engagement rate, average time on site or pages per session etc., so you know where your business stands relative to the competition. This helps inform strategic decisions based on market trends and competitor activities so you know where to focus resources or target new opportunities quickly.


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