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Social Media

Comparative Analysis: Mastodon vs. Traditional Social Media

In this comparative analysis, we will look at an overview of Mastodon and six other top global social media platforms, differences in user experience, content moderation, and privacy, and how these factors influence user engagement and content strategy.
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Newsletter Case Study: Impact’s Subscriber Growth

From July 2023 to November 2023, Adriana Lacy Consulting drove an almost 50% increase in subscribers to Impact’s Substack newsletter.
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Digital Strategy

Marketing Strategies for Mastodon

Mastodon is proof of the enduring appeal of genuine connection — a value that marketers can appreciate and leverage
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AI in Action: Enhancing Public Policy Research for the Future

Leveraging Automation for Informed Decision-Making in Governmental Research and Policy
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Branding and Logo

Social Chime Branding and Logo Design

The branding and logo design for Social Chime successfully captures the essence of the company - innovative, approachable, and deeply connected to the modern digital landscape. This case study not only showcases the final product but also the strategic thinking and creative process behind building a cohesive and resonant brand identity.
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Graphic Design

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Design

Considering using augmented reality or virtual reality to engage users? The benefits of immersive technology bring your product to consumers in the comfort of their home.
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